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CA Driver's License or ID

If you are only going to be at UCSB for a short period, you will not need a California Driver’s License. You can use an international license for renting a car or driving someone else’s car. If you are going to be in the US for a long period, you may need one.

A California Driver's License can be obtained through application to the local Department of Motor Vehicles, 7127 Hollister Avenue, Goleta, CA (Phone: 968-5554). This document also serves as an identity document for check cashing, etc., and in some instances, it is required (passports are not generally accepted as identity documents for such transactions). You will need to pass a written, as well as a road test to qualify for the license. You will also need to show your U.S. Social Security card to qualify for the California driver's license.

The Department of Motor Vehicles will also issue an identification card for non-drivers. This is useful if you will not be applying for a Driver's License, as it is more easily accepted for local transactions (i.e., check cashing) than is the passport. For more information regarding both the Driver's License and the Non-Driver Identification Card application procedures, go to the Department of Motor Vehicles website.