Immigration FAQ for UC Employees

We know that many members of the University of California community are concerned about immigration enforcement actions occurring across the country and have asked about the possibility that enforcement actions could occur at UC. This FAQ responds to your questions and provides information about how to respond in such a situation. Please keep in mind that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) policies are in transition; we may update this guidance as warranted.

Can federal immigration enforcement officers enter University hospitals and clinics?

Some areas of UC medical facilities (medical centers, hospitals and affiliated clinics) are open to the general public, and thus to federal immigration enforcement officers, while others may require a warrant to enter. If a federal immigration enforcement officer seeks to enter a limited access area in your workplace, such as patient rooms, treatment areas or closed wards, contact the senior official (e.g., Administrator on Call or AOC) to whom you would ordinarily direct surveyors (e.g., California Department of Public Health (CDPH), Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), The Joint Commission (TJC)) appearing for unannounced inspections. You should also contact Medical Center Counsel to advise you and to review any warrants or subpoenas and determine whether entry is permitted or required. Ask the officer for their name, identification number and agency affiliation; inform the officer that you are not obstructing their process but need to contact your AOC and Chief Campus Counsel, Nancy Hamill, for assistance at (510) 381-2408 (cell) / (805) 893-3459 (campus office) / (510) 987-8720 (office desk) / or email