Short-Term Visitors for Teaching and or Research:

Each year, over 900 academics from more than 100 countries visit UCSB departments, research institutes and other offices. OISS is here to help departments and visiting scholars navigate the immigration system. 

Most international scholars come to UCSB in one of the J-1 visa categories. If a scholar is eligible for a J-1 visa, OISS will issue the eligibility document they will need to apply for a visa in their home country. More about the J-1 visa process here.

OISS also provides information and support for a variety of other non-immigrant visa categories that may be used by visiting scholars including F-1, H-1B, and TN. 

OISS has steps for Departments requesting a J-1 DS-2019.

Planning for Long-Term Employment:

If the position is for long-term teaching, research or staff employment, then when a UCSB Department initiates recruitment for a full-time teaching or non-teaching position (with a Bachelor’s Degree as a minimum requirement), there is a window of opportunity which opens. If the selected applicant is a Foreign National, a bit of advance planning makes it much easier to apply for the appropriate employment visa - as well as perhaps for the Permanent Resident Status (green card). 

The process begins with the recruitment itself.  In addition to the usual UCSB required recruitment materials, some additional documentation and clearances will be required. OISS can assist in obtaining these and should be consulted with—ideally at the beginning of the recruitment - even before there is a selectee for the position.

Please send OISS a completed Position Worksheet (email to as part of your recruitment process.  Once there is a selectee for the position - if they are a foreign national - then depending on the particular situation and their U.S. visa history, we can begin to work on obtaining the best employment permission, but a good amount of the ground work will already be in place.

Here are links to follow once there is a selectee:
Please consult with OISS to plan for obtaining the employment permission as needed for the position by email to

Document Packet Worksheet (Teaching Position)

Document Packet Worksheet (Non-Teaching Position)

H-1B Occupation

TN (NAFTA Professionals)

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