Long-Term Employment

When a UCSB department opens recruitment for a full-time position (either teaching or non-teaching), there is a window of opportunity which opens to allow international applicants. By planning ahead, departments will be able to select candidates from a much wider pool of applicants.  

Obtaining an employment visa is much easier with a bit of advance planning during the recruitment process. Having processes in place in advance can save departments a lot of time if an international applicant is selected for a position by streamlining the application for the international employment visa (and perhaps for the Permanent Resident Status, a.k.a. green card). 

The process begins with the recruitment. In addition to the usual UCSB-required recruitment materials, some additional documentation and clearances are required to hire an international applicant. OISS can help—ideally at the beginning of the recruitment, before there is a specific individual selected for the position.

Please consult with OISS to plan for obtaining employment permission for the position. The OISS Position Worksheet is a good place to start. You can send the completed worksheet to  longtermvisa@sa.ucsb.edu. If an international applicant is selected for the position, then—depending on the particular situation and their U.S. visa history—OISS can begin to work on securing employment permission with a good amount of the ground work already in place. In some cases, it may be helpful for the employee to start with an H-1B visa while waiting for a long-term visa or green card. 

Please use this Document Planning Checklist to guide you.