Information for Departments

The following guidelines will help UCSB departments determine whether a prospective visitor may be eligible for the department to request a DS-2019 form (for the J-1 visa status) in the visitor's behalf. For an overview of the J-1 visa status and categories sponsored at UCSB, click here.

Following are restrictions that apply to J-1 Exchange Visitors:

  • If the visitor has completed a previous J program in the U.S. as a Professor or Research Scholar, he/she is subject to a 24-month bar (gap) before being eligible to begin a new J-1 program as a Professor or Research Scholar.
  • If the visitor has completed a previous J program in any category other than Research Scholar or Professor, which lasted for more than 6 months and seeks to begin a new program in the J-1 Research Scholar or Professor category, he/she is subject to a 12-month bar (gap) between the end date of the previous J program and the starting date of the new J program in a Research Scholar or Professor category 
  • If the visitor has applied for an H class visa or U.S. Permanent Resident status (‘green card’) he/she is NOT eligible to apply for a DS-2019 form for J visa status.
  • If the visitor has applied for and received a Waiver of the Two Year Home Residence Requirement from the State Department or USCIS, he/she is NOT eligible for a DS-2019 form for J-1 visa status.
  • If the position is tenure track, visitor is not eligible for J-1 status. 

Inviting a Research Scholar / Professor / Short-Term Scholar / Student Intern

Departments must submit a DS-2019 request to OISS using the International Scholar Dossier (ISD) online system.  Requests should be submitted at least 3 months prior to start date of program to give scholar enough time to apply for the J-1 visa at the U.S. Embassy and make travel arrangements.  OISS needs at least 10 working days to process the DS-2019 request.  For specific instructions on how to submit a DS-2019 Request via ISD, click here.

Tourist Visa (B1/B2) VS Exchange Visitor (J-1) visa.
A tourist visa (B1/B2/WB/WT) status may, at first glance, seem appropriate for certain visitors who are invited to UCSB. These visits may be short in duration, the visitor may not be paid, and will not have a formal appointment at the university. However, if the university is benefiting from the visit, if equipment and facilities used are owned or operated by the university, the contents of the visit and/or research activity undertaken might result in the form of published work, patent or discovery at a later date, and/or the visitor is involved in a formally structured program, use of B1/B2/WB/WT visa will contradict U.S. Department of State guidelines. In such cases a J-1 visa would be the appropriate visa status. The Department of State has made clear that any visitor to a U.S. academic institution who engages in a collaborative activity or research, and whose activity will benefit the hosting institution should be sponsored for a J-1 visa.