Applying from Outside the U.S. (Mexican Citizens)

Mexican Citizens are required to obtain a travel visa before seeking admission to the US as a TN/TD non-immigrant. Applicants are required to attend a visa interview at a US Embassy/Consulate post in Mexico.

A detailed list of required documents and fees is available here.

One of the required documents is a contract or letter to document the job offer.The UCSB Department will need to provide this letter. A sample letter is provided here.The document must include:
  • purpose of entry
  • A detailed description of anticipated business activities or job responsibilities
  • anticipated length of stay in the United States
  • educational qualifications or appropriate credentials demonstrating professional status;
  • Evidence of compliance with Department of Homeland Security (DHS) regulations and/or state laws; and
  • Arrangements for pay.

For more information on the TN visa application process, please visit the US Department of State’s website for TN Visas and Visa Appointment Times or the US Consulate/Embassy in Mexico.