J-1 Academic Training

Recent graduates from U.S. colleges and universities in the J-1 student visa status may request authorization for employment to begin after they graduate. Such employment is called Academic Training.

  • The individual initiates the request through the U.S. school from which they will graduate prior to graduation.
  • The request for authorization can take up to two weeks.
  • J-1 academic training allows employment with any employer so long as the job is directly related to the area of the individual’s degree.
  • Individuals who have completed an undergraduate or pre-doctoral graduate degree are eligible for 18 months of academic training or the period of their full course of study in J-1 status, whichever is less. Individuals who are at the post-doctoral level are eligible for 36 months of academic training, inclusive of any prior academic training as an exchange visitor, or the period of the full course of study, whichever is less.
  • There may be an obligation for the individual to return to their home country upon completion of their period of practical training.
  • UCSB students in the J-1 student visa status cannot be employed at UCSB after they graduate unless they receive authorization for academic training prior to graduating.

J-1 Dependents

The J-1 visa holder’s dependents are eligible for the J-2 visa status.

  • A J-2 dependent may enroll as a student although it is to their advantage to change their immigration status to a student status in their own right.
  • A J-2 dependent may request employment permission from Immigration after they have entered the U.S. The application should be submitted with OISS assistance. Immigration’s decision is based upon the demonstrated need of the J-2 dependent.