OISS Dispatch: Poetry

Who Can Submit: Submissions are open to all current UCSB undergraduate and graduate students and international scholars. Previously published poems considered (with permission of poet and acknowledgement). Poems in any language are welcome.

How to Submit: email your poems to OISSprograms@sa.ucsb.edu. Please include the text of your poem in the email and attach a PDF (formatting such as italics or line spacing can be lost otherwise).

Submission Deadline: Submissions are invited at any time. Now is a great time!

Vagabond Multilingual Journal
The OISS Dispatch is a monthly online journal of poems that celebrate travel and travelers, places far away and the people inhabiting them. Published by the Office of International Students & Scholars, the Dispatch is seeking poems that celebrate travel and international experience. Co-sponsored by Student Academic Initiatives.

All poems about travel, destinations, or distant places will be considered.

Featured Poems

Corfu, Greece 2012, by Caitlyn Curran

by Apr 28, 2015
When, in the early dawning stillness,

we got off the ferry and all the lodgings were full,
there was one cafe open where policemen
just beginning their shift, drank coffee and smoked
inside next to brand-new no smoking signs.
We joined them, until a pair of stray dogs,
which we took the liberty of naming
Grecia and Draco, found us sitting
outside and joined us, bellies to the air.
Grecia was that eagle-wing brown of the breedless,
heron-legged, with strong eyes.
Draco, with his long, white rabbit-fur ears,
his happy, dopey jowls, drooled sometimes
the blood from his gums.
When we got up to leave, to walk
the cobbled streets and find sleep,
they followed with their clacking paws,
zigzagging the streets with their noses
for trash and scraps.
The rooftop, a small slab of concrete
that was concealed, but easy to climb
became our beds—exhaustion a filter for our
vision, backpacks for pillows under our heads.
They lay at our feet, our dogs,
and sometimes a nudge for a scratch
like a quiet word from God.
But when we woke they were gone, running again,
nose down to the dirty streets.
Wherever we went, we'd look
for our friends, but all we found
were other svelte strays
alone and bundled
in a thinning fear.


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