Maintaining J-1 Status

As a J-1 exchange visitor, it is your responsibility to maintain your immigration status throughout the duration of your J program at UCSB by adhering to the four points listed below. Be certain to review the section below about the 30 day Grace Period that is given to J-1 scholars to remain in the U.S. after the end date on their DS-2019 form.

  1. Maintain up-to-date immigration documents:
    1. A passport that is valid for at least six months beyond the program end date on form DS-2019. (If the passport needs to be renewed, the scholar should contact their embassy to find out the procedures to renew the passport.)
    2. Current DS-2019 form
    3. I-94 card issued with entry stamp marked “J-1” or “J-2” with “D/S.”
  2. Report and Update Local Living Address J-1 scholars need to update their local living address within 10 days of their registration in SEVIS or upon moving to a new address. To update your local living address, please log on to the UCSB ISSD page at:
  3. Report Site of Your J-1 Activity The site of activity for most J-1 scholars is the address of their sponsoring department which is the address that OISS reports to the U.S. government. If for some reason a scholar works at a site outside of the sponsoring department, they should notify OISS so that we can add the additional sites of activity. For example, if you work at another department in addition to the one that sponsored you or if you work at an off-campus lab, you should report this information to OISS by emailing
  4. Maintain Insurance Required for J-1 Visa Holders U.S. immigration law states that failure to maintain proper health insurance coverage will result in the termination of the J-1 exchange program. Proof of health insurance is required upon registration with OISS and at the time that a J-1 scholar requests an extension of their DS-2019. Information for J-1 health insurance requirements are provided in the Prospective Scholar section of this web page. 

    30 Day Grace Period At the end of the J-1 program (the end date on the DS-2019 form), the J-1 visitor and their J-2 dependents may remain in the United States for another 30 days in order to pack their belongings and perhaps do some site-seeing within the United States.
    • If the J-1 visitor leaves the United States during this 30 day period, they will not be able to re-enter the United States in the J-1 status.
    • Exchange visitors are no longer able to engage in any academic or employment activities during the 30 day grace period.