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If you are curious about what UCSB has to offer and to find out why so many international students choose UCSB, please visit this special page for international applicants. You'll see videos from current international students, links to an International Student Guide and a lot of information to help you get started!


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The UCSB Office of International Students and Scholars (OISS) issues the I-20 or DS-2019 documents that are necessary for international students to receive a visa to enter the US. Before you can apply to OISS for one of these documents that verify that you have been officially admitted to UCSB as an international student, you first need to apply for admission to UCSB and then receive official undergraduate or graduate acceptance. UCSB admissions procedures differ for undergraduates and graduate students. Prospective undergraduates apply for UCSB admission online through a general University of California application. The undergraduate application form has a section where you can indicate UCSB as your preferred campus. Prospective graduate students apply directly to a campus department or program through a general form that is processed by the UCSB Graduate Division.

Cost of Attending UCSB

Attending UCSB is expensive for both international graduate students and undergraduates. It is currently estimated that the total expenses for a single international student for each 12-month period will range from $37,000 to $43,000 excluding dependents. Married students should bring an additional $4,000 if accompanied by a spouse and $2,000 for each additional child. Student employment is limited. The current cost estimates are:

After your admission to UCSB, the Office of International Students and Scholars will need documented evidence of your ability to pay all required fees and expenses for the first twelve months of your program in order to issue the required immigration forms needed to obtain your visa from an American embassy or consulate. The UCSB fees and expenses are subject to change. You should also indicate sources and amounts of financial support for the duration of your entire program. American embassies and consulates will require the same type of funding evidence for visa issuance.

Limited funds are available for work-study opportunities for international students.

Financial Aid & Scholarships

Financial Aid and scholarships for international students studying in the US are limited. However, there are some resources that can help you find information on scholarships and loans available to international students.

One of the most comprehensive sources for locating funding sources is Edupass which began as the international student section of The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid.

International Education Financial Aid is a database that identifies scholarship opportunities and banks that have loan programs for which international students qualify.

The International Education Finance Corporation offers loans to international students with a co-signer who is a US citizen.

The Margaret McNamara Memorial Fund gives a very limited number of scholarships to women from developing countries that are pursuing graduate study in fields that benefit women and children in their respective regions.

The UCSB Graduate Division provides information on fellowships, scholarships, and other campus-based sources of financial support that are available to all graduate students including international graduate students.

Santa Barbara

The Santa Barbara area is one of the top tourist destinations in the US. The UCSB campus is located along the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean with the Santa Barbara mountains rising to the east. Off the coast within eyesight are the Channel Islands. The city itself is nestled between the mountains and a mesa overlooking the Pacific. Santa Barbara is known for its downtown shopping area, exquisite restaurants with international cuisine, rich cultural life, and year-round temperate climate. It is a center for boating, whale watching, surfing, and other outdoor sports. Santa Barbara is just an hour and a half from the metropolitan Los Angeles area. It is only 40 minutes from wine country in the famous Santa Inez Valley. The City of Santa Barbara can give you more information about living in the area. The UCSB Visitor’s website page can provide you with more information about the campus itself.