New Arrival Check-In Process

When you arrive at UCSB, OISS needs to check you in. This means that we confirm you have physically arrived at UCSB and that your entry has been properly recorded´╗┐. Check-in is a one-time procedure mandated by U.S. law governing the F-1 and J-1 student program.

For students starting UCSB in Winter 2018, check-in will be included as part of in-person CALI Training on January 12.

BEFORE January 12, please upload your arrival documents using the International Student Portal. If you have dependents with you on F-2 or J-2 visa, you must upload these documents for each dependent.

The documents required after arrival in the US are images of:

  1. The personal page from your passport (showing your name and passport number)passport sample
  2. The visa stamp in your passport (F-1 or J-1 visa)
    visa sample
  3. The I-94 showing your date of entry (download here after you enter the U.S.)
    i94 sample
  4. Proof of Insurance. You are required to have insurance while you are here. If you waived out of Gaucho Health Insurance (GHI), you must upload a copy of your insurance card or your insurance policy. If you are enrolled in GHI, you do not need to upload anything.


During CALI Training, OISS will confirm receipt of your uploaded documents, and confirm you have arrived. Please bring the documents you uploaded with you to CALI Training. That way, if there is any issue, we will be able to fix it as quickly as possible.