Uploading Documents (EAP students)

As an EAP (Education Abroad Program)/reciprocity student (attending UCSB for a year or less), OISS will provide your visa documents. In order to get your visa, you will need anDS-2019 "Certificate of Eligibility" from OISS. Your DS-2019 document shows that OISS has verified that you are an invited student and meet the financial requirements to receive a student visa.

In order for OISS to verify that you meet the financial requirements for a student visa, you will need to upload the following document using the OISS International Student Portal:
  1. Your Passport Personal Page
  2. Your completed Confirmation of Financial Resources Form and supporting documents.
  3. J-1 Student Acknowledgment Form
You will need also to provide your eShipGlobal number which confirms payment of shipping costs (see below for more about eShipGlobal)

And, if you are adding any dependents, you must also enter their information and provide:
  1. Your marriage certificate (for your spouse) or birth certificate (for each child)
  2. Your dependent's Passport Personal Page

You will need to show evidence of financial resources to support your stay in the U.S. The amount varies, depending on how many quarters you will be attending UCSB.

  • 1 quarter: $6,600
  • 2 quarters: $13,200
  • 3 quarters: $19,700
  • Full calendar year (including summer):  $26,400

OISS ships immigration documents via eShipGlobalEnvelope

OISS uses eShipGlobal to mail your completed document to you. eShipGlobal is an express mail service via Federal Express (FedEx) or DHL.
You will be asked to provide your 9-digit eShipGlobal number (proof that you have paid for shipping) when you upload your documents. Failure to pay for shipping will cause delay in receiving your documents. You will need to pay for this with a credit card (Visa, Master Card or Discover cards only) and will be charged upon requesting this service. You must use eShipGlobal so OISS can mail your documents to you. DO NOT use the FedEx or DHL websites directly.

UEMSeShipGlobalUsing eShipGlobal
Go to https://study.eshipglobal.com (works best with Internet Explorer & Mozilla Firefox browsers): 

  • Create a username and password for your account. To order the express mailing you will need:
    • your UCSB Perm number,
    • mailing address (a P.O. Box is NOT permitted)
    • email address
    • phone number
    • credit card information.

    eShipGlobal will notify OISS of your express mail request with a waybill filled out with your mailing information

    Be sure to choose Office of International Students and Scholars as the "Department"
    eShip Global will automatically send you a notification when your package has been picked up from our office and is on its way to you! Usually mailings will take 3-5 days to arrive.
  • If you have any difficulties please use the “HELP” link on the site for step by step instructions or email your questions directly to: support@eshipglobal.com.

Using the International Student Portal

After you have established your UCSB NetID and Umail account, you will receive an email from OISS-Portal-Admin with a link to the Portal. This email will include your username.
The first time you visit Portal, you will need to register and create a password.You must list your last name as it is listed in the invitation email. This is the way it is listed in your immigration record.

The International Student Portal is here: https://studentvisa.sa.ucsb.edu/


  • Use at least one Uppercase, one Lowercase, and one Numeral.
  • Use at least one of these special characters ! @ # $ % * ( ) - + = , < > : " ' .
  • Password must be at least 8 characters long.

Please make sure your spam blocker does not block emails from OISS Portal.