Cost of Attendance

U.S. Immigration regulations require that OISS verifies your financial resources to cover the estimated fees and living expenses for the first year of your program before issuing your visa documents. These numbers are estimates. Your yearly expenses may be different, but this is the minimum amount OISS must verify for immigration.

Estimated Annual Cost

The adjusted current University estimate of the cost of attendance including tuition, fees, and living expenses for the 2018-19 academic year for international students is:

  • Undergraduate Students: $65,264
  • Graduate Students: $50,957
  • TMP Program (9 months): $76,961
  • Students with Dependents:
    Married students bringing spouse: add $4,000
    Students bringing children: for each child, add $2,000

OISS is required to verify funding for the first year only. However, you may want to gather evidence to show financial support for your entire program, as American embassies and consulates may require this type of evidence before issuing your visa.

Work-study opportunities for international students are limited. Most grants or scholarships are limited to U.S. students, and some visas include restrictions on the type of work you can do in the U.S.