Drug Policy

The Office of International Students & Scholars reminds all international visitors that they are responsible for following FEDERAL immigration regulations. Federal laws are established at national level, and Federal laws override State laws. As an international student or scholar, you are subject to FEDERAL law.

California State law, passed as Proposition 64, will allow the legal sale of marijuana to people 21 and over as of January 1, 2018. This State law decriminalizes marijuana. HOWEVER, FEDERAL LAW STILL PROHIBITS USE OR POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA.

In addition, University of California policy still prohibits marijuana on campus and in campus housing at all times. The UC Policy is here.

As an international student or scholar, marijuana use, even in California, is consider an ILLEGAL ACTIVITY by Federal Agents. When you enter the U.S. at an airport or border, your social media accounts, texts, and email are all subject to search. Evidence of marijuana use (such as photos or texts to friends about buying or using) can be reason enough for agents to refuse entry.

YES, YOU CAN BE DEPORTED OR BARRED FROM ENTRY INTO THE U.S. FOR EVIDENCE OF MARIJUANA USE OR PLANNED MARIJUANA USE. The new California State law does not change this Federal policy. Please use extreme caution when joking about drug use or illegal activity on your social media accounts, texts, or phone.

OISS is here to help you. Please contact us if you have any questions.