Global Ambassadors

Welcome to The Global Ambassador Program!
~Application submitted after Jan 31, 2020 will be considered for Spring 2020~

The Global Ambassadors program is a mentor/mentee program designed to help incoming international students get to know their way around UCSB. The program also creates opportunities for both domestic and international students to build friendships, share cultures, and develop critical 21st century cross-cultural communication skills in a welcoming and supportive small-group setting. In an increasingly globalized job market, intercultural competencies are highly sought after and the experiences gained as a Global Ambassador will put you in a unique position to be able to build such competencies.

We welcome Global Ambassadors, both mentors and mentees, from every discipline and field. Those from the following majors may find this opportunity particularly valuable:

-Political Science
-Global Studies
-Ethnic and Area Studies
-Media, Arts, and Theater

Additionally, STEM majors will find their experience as a Global Ambassador may help them stand out as applicants for being particularly well-rounded. STEM work is also increasingly comprised of multinational teams, and you will be able to enter the workforce already having had such exposure.

In short, being a Global Ambassador is as exciting as it is rewarding – you will gain highly sought after skills and take real steps on a path toward global engagement while building lasting friendships.

 Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. 

Who can be a Global Ambassador Mentor?
Global Ambassadors can be international or U.S. students (undergraduate or graduate) or UCSB staff with at least one year of experience at UCSB. Mentors should be familiar with the resources available at UCSB and able to help guide incoming students through their first year. Mentors should be interested in understanding other cultures, sharing perspectives and willing to learn about the differences between the U.S. educational system and other systems. Mentors are expected to show patience and friendship to students managing acculturation stress. When possible, mentors are paired with mentees in the same or related academic programs. Mentors will likely have more than one mentee.

Who can be a Global Ambassador Mentee?
Global Ambassadors mentees are incoming international students. While some international students may have traveled extensively, and many have even lived in the U.S., other international students may be experiencing a new culture for the first time. The Global Ambassadors program aims to support incoming international students as they begin their journey at UCSB.

Global Ambassadors will have a variety of activities throughout the academic year, such as hikes, picnics, or movie nights. You can attend as many of these events as you choose, as long as you attend at least two each academic quarter.

As a part of the Global Ambassadors program, you are expected to:

  1. Meet with your mentor/mentees as a small group 3-5 times during each academic quarter. This is an equal relationship; everyone will need to make an effort to consistently meet with one another. Meeting more often is highly encouraged!

  2. Attend a minimum of two of Global Ambassadors events per quarter.

Important: There are no financial obligations. You do not have to spend money, though you will have the option to participate in programs that may have a cost (such as tickets for ice skating). You will not be required to participate in any event with an associated cost. Meet-ups can be as simple as a walk to Campus Point.

Interested in helping support incoming international students? Apply to be a Global Ambassador mentor here!

Are you a new international student interested in finding a mentor? Apply to be a Global Ambassador mentee!