Newly Admitted Transfer Students

Congratulations on your admission to UCSB! 

Now that you’ve been admitted, be sure to follow UCSB Admissions’ Steps to Enrollment, including submitting your Statement of Intent to Register (SIR) and activating your official UCSB email. OISS uses a platform called the International Student Portal in order to collect mandatory information and documents. Check your UCSB email for your invitation to activate your International Student Portal account. 

What do I need to do before I arrive at UCSB? 

I need to...

  1. Follow UCSB’s Steps to Enrollment
    (Statement of Intent to Register and activate UCSB email - put 0000 for last four digits of SSN)
  2. Check my UCSB email inbox for my International Student Portal invite
  3. Communicate with my current school to transfer my SEVIS record to UCSB
  4. Request my transfer I-20 
  5. Apply for my F-1 student visa (if needed)
  6. Complete Online CALI Training
  7. Participate in a pre-arrival video chat

Request my I-20 through the International Student Portal

The International Student Portal is where you will upload and enter required documents and information so that OISS can issue your transfer I-20. 

Follow the instructions below to request your transfer I-20. There is a 4-week processing time once your SEVIS record has been successfully transferred to UCSB and all required documents and information have been approved by OISS. If you do not upload all required documents and information at the same time, it will take longer than 4 weeks for you to receive your I-20!

  1. Activate your International Student Portal Account 
  2. Upload the required documents:
  3. Enter all required information on the Personal Information page:
    • Permanent address
    • Emergency contact
    • Additional required Information: 
      • Initial session
      • Transfer information (if applicable)
      • eShip Global order number (see Step 4 for instructions)
  4. Create a shipment on to receive your I-20 in the mail. Please select Office of International Students & Scholars as the “Sender”. Be sure to log back into your International Student Portal and enter your order number in the required field under “Additional Information.”

Click here for additional instructions on using your International Student Portal account and requesting your I-20 document.

Remember! As a transfer student you MUST have an I-20 from UCSB in order to start your studies.

Apply for my F-1 Student Visa (if needed)

  • Refer to for a list of United States Consulates or Embassies near you. Each office has their own set of requirements for visa appointments so pay close attention to the instructions of the office you select.
  • For more information on applying for an F-1 visa, please click here.

Participate in a Pre-Arrival Video Chat

Want to chat with current students? Members of the International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) are hosting webinars throughout the summer. ISAB is an organization on campus that strives to make UCSB a better place for international students while promoting cross cultural learning in the community. No immigration advice will be provided at these webinars. The topics that will be discussed include student organizations, academics, making friends, living on campus, and more! Click here for the current Pre-Arrival Video Chat schedule. 

CALI Training

Get ready for CALI! CALI is short for California, and it also stands for Cultural Awareness, Laws, and Immigration--issues that have special importance for international students.

If you are an incoming international student, you are mandated (required) by Federal Immigration Policy to attend OISS CALI Training. You will get a lot of important information, and we want you to make some friends and enjoy your first official program at UCSB.CALI Training is a program with 2 parts, one online and one in-person. Click here for more information on CALI, and how to successfully meet your online and in person training requirements.