Campus Resources

Campus Learning Assistance Services 
CLAS is a comprehensive tutorial service for all UCSB students. CLAS offers individual and group tutorials as well as workshops in a range of subjects. International students for whom English is not their first language can meet individually with an English as a second language specialist to receive one-on-one assistance with any piece of the writing process—from analyzing an assignment to identifying and resolving problems with grammar, idioms, syntax, and organization.

Career Services 
Career Services can assist you in locating employment before and after you have graduated. This office has a jobs database that lists campus jobs, short term employment and internships. The staff will talk with you about your cv and strategies for finding employment.

Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity 
The Center for Sexual and Gender Diversity carries out a variety of programs and events to promote diversity of racial, ethnic, religious, political and cultural values for those who have historically been marginalized because of their sexual and/or gender identity.

Community Housing Office 
The Community Housing Office can help you find long term or short term housing off campus. The office provides a range of services to students who rent off campus housing including help in resolving disputes with landlords.

Counseling Services 
Counseling Services is available to all registered students. The staff includes licensed psychologists and advanced graduate students in counseling. Students can contact Counseling Services for help in problem solving, stress, cultural adaptation, or other matters that might be causing limitations in fulfilling your academic and social activities. Counseling is on an individual and anonymous basis with respect for cultural difference.

Disabled Students Program 
The Disabled Students Program provides equal access to academic services and campus facilities to all students.

Emergency Financial Assistance

Graduate Division 
The Graduate Division offers comprehensive academic services to all graduate students. The Division’s online calendar is particularly useful for identifying important filing deadlines for each step of your academic progress. The Division administers some grants and other funding that it unavailable elsewhere. The Division’s website will point you to other campus resources that can help you solve a variety of academic and financial problems.

Housing and Residential Services 
Housing and Residential Services can assist you in finding housing on campus or solve problems that might arise with your campus residence.

Legal Resource Center 
The Associate Students Legal Resource Center assists students with legal problems. All consultations with staff attorneys are confidential. The Center attorneys cannot represent students, but can advise them on landlord tenant disputes, contracts, personal injury matters, consumer complaints, credit and debt problems, family law, motor vehicle tickets, employment problems, criminal citations, wills and probate, and traffic accidents.

Student Health Services 
Student Health Services provide primary and urgent care for students. Urgent care services are provided on a walk-in basis. Primary care appointments can be made within one day. The Student Health Clinic can treat almost all ambulatory conditions. Dental services are also available.

Women’s Center 
The Women’s Center has a library with literature on women and gender as well as a lounge and meeting rooms for students. It sponsors workshops and events relevant to general feminist issues, discrimination, domestic violence, identity questions, parenting, non-traditional students, sexual assault, and social justice.