J-1 exchange visitors may transfer from one J-1 program sponsor to another if the following requirements can be met:

  • Purpose of the transfer is to complete the academic objective for which he/she was approved for and if the exchange visitor remains within the same subject field category.
  • The J-1 exchange visitor is currently in a valid program status
  • The transfer will not exceed the J-1 exchange visitor’s stay beyond the permissible time for the category.

J-1 exchange visitors planning to transfer into or out of the University of California, Santa Barbara must request the transfer no later than 30 days before the transfer date. If there are any changes prior to the transfer date, please notify OISS.

Transfer OUT of UCSB to another U.S. Institution
J-1 exchange visitors are required to notify their current sponsoring department of their request to transfer out of UCSB to another U.S. institution.

J-1 exchange visitors planning to transfer out will need to complete the J-1 Transfer-OUT Form. Your new J-1 program sponsor might require you to complete forms issued by their International Scholars Office prior to the transfer date.

Please make sure to bring all necessary forms to OISS before the transfer date. OISS will transfer the J-1 record in the Student Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) effective on the transfer date agreed by all of the relevant parties, i.e. the UCSB sponsoring department, the international office at the institution to which the visitor wishes to transfer and UCSB’s Office of International Students and Scholars. It is always beneficial for the exchange visitor to contact the International Students & Scholars office of your new J-1 program Sponsor to confirm the J-1 transfer. Please make sure that the transfer date does not fall on a weekend, holiday, or date where the International Students & Scholars Office of either J-1 programs is closed.